SCR99 Always Happy Hour Giveaway|en

[ 22-01-2020 ]
SCR99 Always Happy Hour Giveaway
SCR99 is giving away iPhone 11 ProMax, Huawei P40 Pro, Samsung 50'' Smart 4K UHD TV, and FREE CREDITS!

1. This promotion starts on 09 June 2020 (00:00 hrs, GMT+8) and ends on 30 June 2020 (23:59 hrs, GMT+8).
2. This promotion is open for all SCR99 new and existing members.
3. SCR99 is giving away FREE CREDITS and these awesome PRIZES:
One (1) iPhone 11 ProMax
One (1) Huawei P40 Pro
Two (2) Samsung 50'' Smart 4K UHD TV
4. To get a party stamp, member must deposit a minimum of SGD50. The higher the deposit amount, the more party stamps can get.Party Stamp & Deposit Amount Equivalent Chart:
Deposit AmountParty Stamps Equivalent
SGD50One (1) Party Stamp
SGD100Three (3) Party Stamps
SGD300Ten (10) Party Stamps
5. Party stamps can also be redeemed and credited to the member's SCR99 account.Party Stamp & Credit Equivalent Chart:
Party StampsCredit Amount
Five (5) Party StampsSGD10
Ten (10) Party StampsSGD25
Twenty (20) Party StampsSGD60
6. Each member can only claim maximum of 20 party stamps at a time.
7. Maximum credit should be rolled over ten times (10x). Maximum withdrawal requirement is up to SGD200. Maximum claim is up to three times(3x) a day.
8. The Top 4 members with the highest stamps will be announced and contacted on the 30th of June 2020.The prizes will be delivered in the designated members' addresses within 2-4 weeks.
9. All party stamps will be cleared and cannot be exchanged into any credits after the promotion period.
10. For Live Casino players, SCR99SG will SCR99SG will -50% wager on live casino. Example: If your total rollover is 1000, if you have reached 1500/1000, 1500 will be divided by 50%, hence your rollover is only 750/1000.
11. This promotion is applicable for all SCR99 Games.
12.Qualified members must claim any bonus after the deposit.
13. For more info about this promotion,please contact our SCR99 CS via Live Chat.
14. Only 1 I.P address is only allowed to claim this bonus, if caught having more than 1 i.p address, usage of multiple accounts would lead to confiscation of all free bonus credits. SCR99 has reserved right to withhold and cancel all winnings.
15. SCR99 has the right to modify, change or terminate the promotion without prior notice.