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[ 21-11-2018 ]
Online Gambling: Everything you need to know about LIVE22
In today’s time, the glamorous world of gambling is not limited only to a selected few. Yes, anyone can gamble from any place. Also, many people get nervous or intimidated by the feels and surroundings of land-based casinos. This is one of the most primary reasons why people turn to online casinos. Also, the etiquettes and rules of the game are not available online, whereas online casinos have all these information available and ready for you.  live22 Both these casinos offer thrilling gambling experiences, opportunities and a lot of benefits. Some gamblers like the excitement and thrill of betting with others on land-based casinos. As such, they will choose this type of casino-based purely on entertainment value. On the other hand, online casinos offer the convenience factor, which means that this type of casino allows gamblers to play as long as they wish to without having to move outside their rooms/homes. Also, the selection of games at online casinos is much greater than those of land-based casinos. Additionally, there is also a myth that online casinos are not safe. This myth came out of some old news and claims that players were denied payments, etc. But in reality, the best online casino Singapore is just as safe as land-based ones. Legitimate online casinos need to meet high safety standards to be in operation. One other myth is that people think they will get addicted to online casino games, at least more than the land-based ones. But, the matter of the fact is that the games offered by both the casinos are very addictive in nature and ultimately is upon the willpower of the individual if he/she can control that urge to gamble. Hence for the above reasons and many more, online gambling is way more popular than gambling at land-based casinos. With that being said, Live22 Singapore is an online-slot Singapore that offers the highest chance and potential to win big bucks because of its progressive jackpots.

Introduction to Live22 Singapore

11 Live22 is an online casino that offers some of the best online gambling experiences to its customers. The casino has a very stunning and visually-engaging look. This casino aims to provide all-round versatility without having to skip or sacrifice on the quality. It constantly measures how to make it more beneficial for an online casino player Live22 has successfully created a top-notched online environment where players can withdraw or deposit their winning money and gamble without any tensions and worries. Additionally, Live22 also adds some personal touch via its online customer service (Live chat) where you can directly ask the service person if you have any sort of question. This online slot ensures that the steadily rising market demand is met with the best online entertainment products that will surpass all expectations. Engineered and designed to value the needs of its customers, Live22 never fails to keep its products fresh and new for both new players and seasoned customers. When a person chooses Live22, it means that he/she, along with choosing an online casino with a huge repertoire of online games, also opts for a reputable and trusted gaming agent that will go that extra mile to ensure the integrity and security of all its customers are guarded against outside eyes. 22 This online casino Singapore is known for its spectacular array of games. Each of these games is fitted with great graphics and a highly customizable user interface. The online gameplay is very engaging and meets the international standards of quality. There are several types of games you will at this online free credit casino Singapore like:
  • Slot Machines
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
Out of the above, Live22’s slot games are considered the primary crowd pullers. This is because slot games are very simple to understand and play. You never have to wait for your chance and simply keep on playing all night long. You will see a large section of slot games based on different themes and makeups.  33 Online slots of Live22 also offer some of the best rewards and bonuses. New customers can simply sign up and make their first deposit to avail amazing rewards and bonuses. Apart from these, there are slot tournaments with great prizes and flexible stakes. Two of the best slot games in Live99 are:

Midnight Carnival

Midnight Carnival is a great online video Singapore online slot game. It has 25 pay-lines and 5 reels that can win you some great cash rewards. But while this game might look fun and innocent, it is a macabre online gambling game. The top-notched quality of the illustrations feature images of the sordid performances that carnivals are known for. From metal cages, axes and chainsaws, this game even features a joker that does not smile but sports an evil and maniacal grin.  44 The developers of this game had an idea of creating something that is based on the horror genre and came out with this online video slot game. Those who are brave enough to venture into this slot game can enjoy the fine action with spectacular real cash prize potential from the high-paying wilds and symbols. The bonus game is full of free spins where you can win up to 25 spins with 5x multiplier on all wins. The Midnight Carnival video slot has been developed by GamingSoft Company. GamingSoft has over 5,000 games in its kitty. The team works very hard to provide a great experience to all its online gamblers. Also, since the company is based in the Philippines, the team is more concerned with the Asian market and designs the theme of its games accordingly. As far as the Might Carnival game is concerned, the appealing carnival backdrop offers nostalgic glamor and rich tones with some juxtaposing symbols or violence and pain. Along with the paying cards ten to ace, these symbols offer winning payouts between 10x and 1,000x on your line bet. This means that players will get a chance to hit multiple winning combos that can be way higher with the 50 paylines in okay on just 5x3 reels. The intimidating wild character is a welcome symbol with the power to substitute other standard symbols. This wildcard will also bestow you with top prizes up to 5,000x line bet for five of a kind. You can fully experience this game on your mobile device.

Gorilla Tribe

As the name suggests, Gorilla Tribe is a slot game that is based on the wilderness of a jungle. This game is also developed by GamingSoft. Unlike many other slots that use animal symbolism to build their themes, Gorilla Tribe’s layout is not considered to be the standard. Sporting 50 paylines, four rows of symbols and six reels, this game’s mechanics are as exotic as its theme. This game features large diamonds and, of course, gorillas from the African rainforests. This game is a progressive jackpot slot game and has four jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. 55 This slot game has been inspired by a Congo film that was released in 1995 that featured scientists and high-tech gorillas in search of King Solomon’s mines within the jungles of Congo. But whatever the game is based on, this Singapore online slot game is very vibrant and has a wide range of colors thrown into the mix that will create a very stimulating atmosphere for its players. The paylines of this slot game are fixed so they cannot be deactivated individually to choose which ones you want to bet on. The only control you have over your wagers is the total bet size, which starts at 0.1 credit and goes on to 200 credits maximum. The slot pays you when you collect a combination of symbols of one of the 50 paylines, starting from the left and moving towards the right. If you want to play faster, there is also the Ultra Mode and the AutoPlay Mode. The gorilla is the special symbol in this slot game. It also serves as the wild and does not have a pay table of its own. So, it can only replace any regular symbol except the jackpot and the scatter symbols. Scatter symbols unlock eight free spins when three of the symbols appear on reels 3, 2, and 1. The free spins bonus fame are given with 2x multiplier on any win. It also has instant withdrawal online casino Singapore and depositing of money.


Online casino slots are slowly replacing land-based casinos. Because online free credit casino Singapore offers a wide range of sites and games, it is very important for the online gambler to know and prioritize which game will provide him/her with the maximum returns. Playing Live22 games via the Scr99sg2 account is perhaps the best choice that you can make. Scr99sg2 is an online casino Singapore site that has been operating for many decades not. All of its games provide some of the best game bonuses and features. You also have a lot of options when it comes to withdrawing or depositing money (debit/credit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, e-wallets, etc.). Even withdrawing your win does not consume a lot of time and is usually done within a few hours. On that note, Live22 is comparatively new but is already climbing its way up the success ladder. It has left a lot of its competitive best Online Casino Singapore behind. It has a lot of great features that, when played via Scr99sg2, will offer you the top-level gaming experience. Bonuses of both the top online casinos, bank transfer options, instant withdrawal online casino Singapore and depositing options, you will have the best of both worlds! So, what are you waiting for? Register an account via Scr99sg2and start winning real money immediately!