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[ 12-11-2018 ]
Why LeoCity88 is your ideal choice for online betting?
One of the largest growing industries in the world, the online gambling industry has revolutionized the way people look at gambling. We know for a fact that gambling has been going on even before the Internet was invented. There were wee corners of the streets to land-based casinos where people could visit if they were in the mood to gamble. 123 With the invention of the Internet and, subsequently, online gambling, people can bet and place wagers at any time and at any place they feel convenient. You can now gamble within the comforts of your own home. This is just one of the reasons why online casinos are such a great hit with the general public. Today, you will see a lot of online gambling sites that lets you access a plethora of online casino games like poker, slots, baccarat, etc. One of them is the LeoCity88 Singapore online casino. Here are some reasons why this particular casino is one of the top branded online casinos in the world.

Introduction of 918kiss

As we already know, 918kiss is one of the oldest operational online casinos in the world today. It was formerly known as SCR888 and was found in several underground kiosk-based casinos in Malaysia. 918kiss hosts many of the famous Singapore online casino games from across the globe which can be played on both Android and iOS devices. Apart from 981kiss, there is yet another online casino Singapore that is growing in terms of popularity and the number of exciting games – LeoCity88 online casino. This online casino is one of Malaysia’s top online gambling sites. Even as it first started out, LeoCity88 performed very well to get where it is right now. The online casino went on to win many awards and the games that are being showcased on the site attracts a lot of regular and new customers alike. LeoCity88 is now the second best online casino after 918kiss on the best SG betting platform. Below, we are about to talk into further details about LeoCity88 on SCR99SG. LeoCity88 has gained a lot of fame just within a few years of existence. One reason for this popularity burst is that the site has a lot to offer to its users. But, the casino states that there is still a lot of work that is to be done to ensure that fresh betting practices and entertainment are made available to customers on a regular basis. Online gamblers here expect nothing except getting better each day. 321.jpg There are several categories of games that you will find in this online casino Singapore. For example: Arcade: Pinball Fortune, Dog Raging, Bicycle Race, Lucky Cups, Dragon Boat, Goblin Treasure, Monkey Thunderbolt, Shinobi Hamster, Derby Express Scratch: Classic Slot Scratch, 3 Clowns Scratch, Cash Blox, Rubik's Riches Slot: Asian Fantasy, Heavenly Ruler, Haoshi Cheng Shuang, Super Lion, Land of Gold, Bermuda Triangle, Sun Wukong, Highway Kings, Archer, Triple Monkey, Wild Spirit, Miss Fortune, Geisha Story Jackpot Table: Live Hi-Lo, 3 Card Brag Live, Prestige Roulette (Euro Live), No Commission Baccarat Live, No Commission 7 Seat Baccarat Live, Dual Roulette Live, Blackjack Live (Euro), Sic Bo Live, 7 Seat Baccarat Live (Euro), Baccarat Live (Euro) In each category, these are the hottest games right now. Apart from these, there are additional approximately 198 games more than you can play. LeoCity88 has put in a lot of effort in ensuring that every customer gets to enjoy the best casino games only. You will find out that most of the games mentioned above are not available on any other Singapore online casino free credit 2018. Plus, no game is limited to any one user. All of the games stated above are at the disposal of the customers. It is up to them to choose which game do they like the most and want to place their wagers in. Additionally, LeoCity88 does everything in its power makes sure that the customer wins the bets. As stated before, LeoCIty88 is one of the best casinos for a high payout. The jackpots are mega, which means that if you get lucky enough and win, you will surely win big bets. There are many jackpot games such as Purple Hot, Purple Hot, Purple Hot, Wu Lu Cai Shen, Magic Slots, Time for a Deal, Adventures in Wonderland Deluxe, etc. which can potentially increase the winning amount you get. These progressive jackpots can go up to millions of ringgits.

User reviews of LeoCity88

According to many online gamblers, LeoCity88 is one of the best online casinos they have played in. One of their most common reasons was that the registration process was very simple and the Singapore online casino free credit 2018 was easy to download and set up as well. It is the best gaming platforms, second only to 918kiss, which provides some of the best slot games, progressive games, arcade games, and live casino games. 142 By going through all the reviews about LeoCity88, we come to know that this online casino is definitely not a scam and a legit gambling site. We also come to know that registering for the Leocity88 slot is very easy and does not consume much of your time. The site has been quite successful in building credibly and ensuring that each customer exits with the right amount. This is the level of honesty and trust LeoCity88 has with its customers. Apart from these, the site also offers great customer support service to its clients and ensures that each and every type of problems will be solved as soon as possible.


You can download the Leocity88 slot game on your iOS and Android device. You can also download LeoCity88 casino at SCR99 Online and is available for your PC as well. But, it would be better if you play this game on your mobile device. While a PC might give you more viewing pleasure, a mobile device will give you the convenience of moving around your room while you are playing your game. With the help of the mobile app, you will be able to lie on your bed or couch while placing bets. All these facilities are not available for PC devices.

Age of Gods: God of Storms

Age of Gods: God of Storms is a slot game that is powered by Playtech. This game has five reels and 25 pay-lines. Based on the Greek mythology, this game takes place in Aeolus and is all about the Argo wild symbol. When this symbol stacks, it will trigger the Wild Wind Respins features where Aeolus will blow the wild 1 reel to the left. 


As always, visually superb from Playtech, the entire scene is an ancient harbour that overlooks from within the city walls – the reels are encased in pillars with reels. Symbols on the reels include traditional vases and pots, Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt), Hydra (sea monster), a Spartan, and an archer with his bow. 321 The game is all about the ship called Argo, which is the wild symbol. When it lands fully stacked, you will be able to retrigger the Wild Wind Respin feature. You will be rewarded with a free respin – Aeolus will then appear on the right side of the reel set and blows the stacked wild 1 reel to the left. As a result of the above action, the multiplier increases to 2x till 5x. If you get one stacked wild on the reels, you have chances to win epic wins. There are a total of four progressive jackpots to be randomly won. They are Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power. The jackpot bonus game allows you to choose joins as displayed on the screen. Once three of the same symbols are discovered, you will win one of the above jackpots. The randomly activated jackpots game can be triggered by any betting value, but higher bets have better chances of triggering. 

Tips to win

In order to win this game, you must win at least one of the four progressive jackpots. To win one, you will need to match three symbols. Now, matching symbols is purely based on the luck of the player. Other than this, there are no other tips or tricks of winning this game.

Live Mini Baccarat

Live mini baccarat is yet another hot-shot game listed in LeoCity88’s impressive collection. This game is developed by Playtech and is bought to you via live video feed. This game is basically a variation of the classic casino game, except it is designed for a single player. Live mini baccarat is a table game. mimi


This game is a very easy casino game that requires a bet being placed at the deal on the banker’s position and letting the dealer do the rest. The standard rules are as follows:
  • The dealer has two hands. One goes to the Banker and the other goes to the Player.
  • The Player bets on the deal outcome; there are three possible outcomes, either the Player wins, the Banker wins or goes in a Tie
  • Once the bets are placed, two cards are dealt with both Banker and the Player
  • The winning hand is the hand closest to nine
  • Card values are Aces = 1 | 10s, pictures = 0 | others = face value
  • The winning hand are two cards that total to 9, which is called Natural; the second best total is 8, which is called Natural 8

Types of Baccarat and the difference between them

Mini Baccarat: Mini baccarat is a lower-stakes and smaller version of baccarat. This type of baccarat generally has lower limits than normal baccarat. Also, players do not get to choose the cards and the size of the table is much smaller. Mini baccarat is popular in a lot of Asian casinos, both online and land-based. VIP Baccarat: Exactly the opposite of mini-baccarat, VIP baccarat tables cater for high roller players. The limits are higher in this game and the standard rules of baccarat are followed. Mostly, VIP baccarat takes place more commonly in land-based casinos.  No Commission: No commission baccarat is an online form of baccarat which eliminates 5% fee on the banker wins. Instead, the player will receive the even money on most banker wins, thereby making the math and corresponding calculations much simpler to keep a track of.

Average numbers of room for gamblers to join

Since the game only takes place between a single player and the banker, only one player can enter a room to participate in a game of mini-baccarat. On an average, there are 19-20 rooms for online gamblers if they want to play a game of mini-baccarat.

Betting Range

For a normal regular game of baccarat, the betting range can be between RM80 and RM4000. But, as we know that mini baccarat has lower limits, the online betting range of this game might be somewhere between RM8 and RM200.


Overall, we have seen that LeoCity88 provides us with a lot of casino games online that cannot be found anywhere else. This casino provides its customers with the best game experience they have ever felt. The operation of this online casino is very transparent and does not take advantage of gamblers, especially new ones, to earn quick bucks. This is the reason why LeoCity88 is slowly growing to be one of the best online casinos in the world.