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[ 04-09-2018 ]

Legit Tips and Trick in Football/Soccer Betting in Singapore

By nature, gambling is a way full of risks to fill your time while trying to earn some money. You can either bet on sports or play live casino games online. But, if it is done sensibly, it can also be an exciting and fun addition to watching sports. But, how do you make the most out of your bets? What are the best ways to get around the tricks that the bookies are trying to pull? Below, we have the answer to all your questions.


Football Betting

Betting on football is a worldwide phenomenon today. Gambling on football is a growing global industry that is worth more than billions of dollars per annum. According to several leading experts in this field, the current estimation, which includes legal and illegal markets, is worth anywhere between $700 billion and $1trillion.  But this is the current scenario. Let us walk back to some history lessons on football betting:


The history of football betting is quite enthralling. There is no perfect history or date as to when football betting began. Hence, it is safe to assume that betting in some form or another has been going on throughout the history of the sport (football) instead. But, in 1960, football betting was deemed illegal and the operations were carried out in criminal safe houses or down in the streets.

But this was all about to change. In 1960, the Gambling Act legalized gambling and betting shops started to open up. Since then on, football fans could legally bet on the sport in many other ways than pool bets.

The reason why football betting is so fruitful are:

  1. The game is extremely popular

The first and foremost reason why football is the most favourite sports for betting is that it is very popular and is worth billions of dollars. Some of the reasons for this sport’s popularity might be subjective or objective, but either way, they are quite popular among the masses.

      2. Easy winnings

The strongest reason why betting on football is so popular is because of easy winnings. There is a chance that you may win hundreds of thousands of dollars if you know how to place your bets properly. There is also a risk of losing, but the rewards make the risk worth it.

     3. Makes watching football a more interesting pass time

Placing a bet in the middle of a season makes the match between any teams more interesting. If you have placed thousands of dollars on the stake, the adrenaline of each match will surely hit you. Every match becomes thrilling and betting brings the excitement to a whole new level.

     4. A lot of options

It is not just betting whether it will be a draw, an away win, or a home win. In today’s time, you get a lot of different markets for betting. You can bet whether a certain player is going to score a goal or not, how many red or yellow cards will be there in the match, what will be the first thing that will happen during the match, etc. Many bookmakers offer over 300 such options and markets for you.

What Kind of Bet is Available for Football Betting? Which Bet is More Favourable?

Some of the most common types of football betting are:

  1. 1X2 Betting This is the most common and popular forms of football betting. They are very easy to understand as well. In order to win the money, the better has to predict the full-time result of the match. For example, if you think West Ham is going to win against Sunderland, you will have to win (4/5).
  2. Double chance  Just like 1X2 betting, a Double chance is a form of betting where you predict the results of the football match. But on this type of football betting, you will have to bet on two outcomes. This directly means that while you have a greater chance of a return on your bet, your odds will be much lower. These two outcomes are grouped in twos, which gives the better some assurance if they are not being sure which way to bet. a3For example, if Manchester United hosts Arsenal at Old Trafford, the double chance bets are Manchester United and Arsenal (4/11), Arsenal draw (2/5) and Manchester United and draw (8/15). You will win in the event of one of the two chosen possible outcomes in this type of football betting.
  3. Draw no bet This type of football betting removes the draw option. Therefore, if there is a draw in the match, the bookmaker will earnestly return your betting amount back to you. For example, Stoke entertains Newcastle and the draw no bet odds are Manchester City (1/3) and Spurs (9/4).
  4. Correct score One of the most popular question during an engaging football match is ‘what will be the score tonight?’ This is a fun type of football betting where the better has to predict the result of the game. For example, Chelsea is playing against Paris Saint Germain at home in the UEFA Champions League. Your inner voice is telling you that Chelsea will walk home with a 1-0 victory. Place that bet with odds 7-1.
  5. Handicaps A handicap is an advantage given to one of the two sides before a football match and is typically applied to its final result. Usually, the handicap value for football betting is 1. For example, you are totally sure that Manchester United will win against West Brom, but the price of 4/6 does not offer you a substantial return. Therefore, you decide to go for Manchester’s (-1), which gives you much better odds at 8/5 than what you had before. While the above is not all types of football bets, the above are some of the most popular. You will find a lot of aspects to bet on. For instance, you can also bet on goal-related outcomes like the first or last goal scorer and so on. Hence, if you are looking forward to making the football game a bit more interesting, this is a sure way to do so as you will find your pulse racing with each and every result while the game goes on.

How Many Strategies There are for Football Betting?

Below, we have presented some different possibilities of betting and how to place your bets which can potentially multiply your stakes. These are some of the most common and popular online betting strategies:

  1. Accumulator bet

This is one of the best betting strategies and is popular especially among beginners. In this kind of bet, you can combine different bets (also known as legs) of single events accumulated into one bet or whole games. The biggest advantage of this strategy is that in the case of multiple bets, the different odds of the different legs are multiplied. Therefore, the combined odds are very high and have the possibility of yielding a good profit.


Accumulator bets are great for football bets. You can bet in several different football leagues on one hand to diversify your bet. On the other hand, the games are easier to bet on because the favorites hold the most probable upper hand that you need to win. Luck plays a major role in these kinds of bets. Therefore, it is important you keep your cool and don’t soar on cloud nine if you are winning.

Winning case: An unnamed housewife won on a £1 football accumulator which she only put on because she was extremely annoyed with her son and husband watching football matches on TV every weekend. There was absolutely no strategy involved when she was choosing her team, out of which most of them were odds against outsides; she just liked the sound of the 12 teams she chose. In the end, she won an incredible amount of £574,278.41.

  1. Double chance betting strategy

As the name suggests, you simply double your chances of winning in this kind of bet. In simple terms, you can bet on two outcomes of the game, as explained above. By betting on two outcomes out of Loss, Draw or Win, you decrease your risks by two times. But, on the other hand, your odds automatically becomes lower than common bets.

While the odds are usually lower than other types of common sports bets, it is possible to make money with a double chance strategy. This is why most experienced betters use this strategy for games with riskier outcomes. Despite the decrease of due to the double chance, the odds are generally higher than you might expect and are still profitable.

Since there are three outcomes to bet for, this strategy cannot be used in sports like volleyball or tennis. Apart from sports where there are no draws, this strategy can be used for various sports like football. This type of strategy is popular with football fans because the game consists of so many surprises wins, losses, and draws.

  1. Lucky 15 betting system

This betting system is a comparatively new trend that is growing popular in a short amount of time. For this bet, you will have to find four games to bet on. You have to build 15 different bets with those four games – one quady, four trebles (four accumulator bets with three matches), six doubles, and four singles (one on each game).

Four Single bets

  • Bet 1 consists of Team A
  • Bet Two consists of Team B
  • Bet 3 consists of Team C
  • Bet 4 consists of Team D

Six doubles

  • Bet 5 consists of Teams, A and B
  • Bet 6 consists of Teams, A and C
  • Bet 7 consists of Teams, A and D
  • Bet 8 consists of Teams, B and C
  • Bet 9 consists of Teams, B and D
  • Bet 10 consists of Teams, C and D

Four trebles

  • Bet 11 consists of Teams, A/B/C
  • Bet 12 consists of Teams, A/B/D
  • Bet 13 consists of Teams, A/C/D
  • Bet 14 consists of Teams, B/C/D

One quady

  • Bet 15 consists of Team A/Team B/Team C/ Team D

You can earn a good amount of money by using this simple strategy. You can implement it and bet on a lot of different sports using this betting strategy. But, this strategy is most commonly used in football. This strategy is great because it will pique up your interest throughout the betting period. Even if you have one leg down, you will still have a lot of opportunities to make and win some money.

Compare The Odds of Each Betting in SBOBET

There is no better way than looking hard at the odds and making sure you have the best chances of winning. But to win, you have to bet right because the best odds in the world do not mean anything on a losing bet. Better odds simply mean that you will be paid more money.

SBOBET’s winning betting odds is their Asian Handicap odds. As most of you must have already guessed, the Asian bookmaker has almost everything in the industry and offers the players great odds and great choices. The odds of SBOBET are very good. The odds are competitive with several other major bookmakers, no matter what sport you choose.

SBOBET uses the following types of odds:

  1. European odds

This odds are quoted as any positive number greater than 1. This number is a representation of the number of dollars that will be returned to you if the bet wins including the initial stake. A Euro odds price amounts to 1.96. This means that the possible winnings for a stake of $10 would be $9.60 and the possible loss would be $10.

  1. Hong Kong odds

The odds are quoted as a positive number that is greater than 0. This is a representative of the return which is being estimated if the bet,not including the initial bet, is won,. The price of a Hong Kong odds is set at 0.96. This means the possible earnings for a stake of $10 will be $9.60 and the estimated loss would be about $10.

  1. Malay odds

The Malay odds that are positive are interpreted in the same manner as Hong Kong odds and the negative odds is represented by the amount you will put on risk to win 1 unit. A price of 0.96 in the case of a positive Malay odds implies that for a stake of $10, the possible winning amount would be $9.60 and the loss amount would be approximately $10.

On the other hand, a negative Malay odd of -0.96 would mean that the possible winning amount would be $10 and the possible loss amount would be $9.60 for a stake of $10.

  1. Indo odds

Indo odds are quoted as a number that has a value of more than 1. Just like Hong Kong odds, positive and negative Indo odds are represented by the unit amount you would need to risk to win 1 unit. The price of an Indo odds is set at 1.96. This means the possible earnings for a stake of $10 will be $19.60 and the estimated loss would be about $10. In the case of a negative Indo odds, for a stake of $10, the winning amount will be $10 and the loss would be around $19.60.


Gambling and placing your odds is a risky business, But, with the tips below, you will be able to make the most out of your odds and bets and get around the tricks of your bookies and pull through:

  1. Know your sport fully

Football is not just about which team has won the last seven games or have they played defensively or offensively. You need to know everything about the sport (in this case, football). These kinds of information and details will keep you updated and will inform your betting. In return, you will be better prepared for spotting markets of good values.

  1. Do not follow the crowd

If you are placing your bet on football, it means that you have a more-than-fair knowledge and know-how about the game. Most people do not have your knowledge about the game. Hence, you do not have to follow other bettors and punters who use their own reasoning to place their betting selections.

The only reason why sports book Singapore easily wins your money is that a bookie merely identifies the outcomes and alters the system accordingly. Hence, if you get in early, you will have a better chance to lock the best odds.

  1. Stay smart and understand the value of your money

While it is true that all of us want to know the winning procedures of football bets, you need to focus your bets on the selections that have a high value. You need to focus on the value across an array of selections based on a favorable probability of you winning the bet. You also need to value the money. If you do not, it will not matter how much you lose and will be happy with small wins.

  1. Discipline

The most important tip for winning bets is discipline. You need to keep composed and calm, especially after bearing a big loss or win. If you lose, do not try to regain that amount by betting big, since if you lose, it will only add up to your losses. Again, after a big win, you should not bet more sporadically and frequently, which might ultimately result in a streak of losses.

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