SCR99Cares | SCR99 Charity

    SCR99CARES is corporate social responsibility activity started in the middle of 2020 pandemic for the purpose of donating to social welfare, regardless of race, and religion to support education, economies, disadvantaged individuals or families, and to give support to the society.

    SCR99CARES only aims thru these endeavors to encourage more people to pay attention and help the disadvantaged groups in society to tide over the difficulties and to create a better future for everyone.

    How SCR99CARES works?

    SCR99 will use 30% of the annual operating profit to provide as aide to charity organizations selected by SCR99. 

    SCR99 also conducts charity auctions through the VIP Program. Players can browse SCR99’s VIP Program website to search for all information about rewards. 

    Players can even generously request an anonymous donation through the SCR99 platform. 

    Players who donate in an anonymous way can get extra free VIP Points. Free VIP Points will be obtained based on 10% of personal donations. 

    Players can browse the SCR99 website to check the latest status.