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[ 11-09-2018 ]

How Sports Betting Bonuses Work?

The Singapore market is known as one of the fastest growing online gambling Singapore casinos and industries in the past few years. The development of the country’s casino online network has helped players from all around the world to access Malaysia live casino Singapore games and other games for money earning purposes and entertainment easily and conveniently. SCR99SG2 is one of the most premium online casino for online gambling Singapore bettors and gamblers who are looking forward to experiencing these top-notched games for themselves.


SCR99SG2 is an established name when it comes to the world of online casino games on the Internet. On this online casino, the player has no need to worry about the professional and legal aspects of it. SCR99SG2 will offer you the best sports betting services, charming slot games, and a great live experience to relax and win money without any worries.

SCR99SG2 offers a lot of games for their players. But, they also make sure to maintain the quality of each and every game on their online betting website servers. The online casino will create advantageous situations for you to win good amounts of money. In comparison to other online casinos, SCR99SG2 will offer you incredible prizes and rewards.

What is SCR99SG2 deposit bonuses?

A deposit bonus is basically based on the total amount of money being transferred into your account and the percentage of this deposit made. You can be awarded additionally by depositing money on your account. The bonus money percentage is normally 100% or higher up to a certain maximum amount. As understood, you will most likely have to make a deposit in an online live casino Singapore in order to receive a deposit bonus.

How to receive a deposit bonus?

In order to receive the deposit bonus of the Singapore online betting website, you will need to actually make a deposit. After the online casino receives your deposit, it will make all the corresponding calculations and deposit the bonus into your account.

Most online casinos make use of deposit bonuses to either offer attractive deals to existing customers or attract new players. But, an online bonus deposit greatly varies in different online casinos, based on both the wagering requirements of the bonus being offered or the maximum amounts or percentages of bonus money being granted.

One of the best-known deposit bonus is the Casino Welcome Bonuses, which is valid only for new players who are depositing money for the first time in an online betting website. But, deposit-connected bonuses are called deposit bonuses like reload bonuses.

SCR99SG2 offers a lot more bonus than other Singapore betting sites and most land-based casinos. You can avail daily bonuses and welcome bonuses as long as you keep on depositing funds and continue playing your games. The minimum deposit is only SGD20 here. In SCR99SG2, you can easily deposit all your money without any hassles. You will not face any kind of problem. You can sit back at your home, relax, and play whenever you wish to.

What is a Rollover requirement?

In short, a rollover requirement is basically the number of times that the Singapore online betting website player must risk their initial deposit before they can withdraw any of their winning hands without any penalty. For example, if a sportsbook requires 10 times rollover on their bonus, the player must risk 10 times equals the initial deposit.

In real life, a bookmaker will offer either a 15% bonus with four times rollover or a 50% bonus with ten times rollover. For example, you opted for the 15% bonus and deposited $500. With this amount, you will receive a $75 bonus if you bet $2,000 (4 x $500). This bonus is also smaller; this means that you have a better chance to win casually.

Now, let us consider the 50% bonus example. If you deposit $500, you will receive a bonus of $250, which directly means you will have to bet $5,000 (10 x $500). Here, we see that the bonus is much bigger, but it is equally more difficult to win casually.

Hence, it is very important to consider the rollover when comparing the top sportsbooks. This is one of the reasons why professional and sharp bettors will not choose to take any welcome bonus at all; one of the reasons is that they do not wish to tie up their money in a rollover.

How to qualify to withdraw money?

You will find that depending on your live casino Singapore sports book, there might be additional requirements that you should be aware of to clear your bonus for withdrawal. These requirements differ greatly from one sportsbook to another. Therefore, it really pays off to read the terms and conditions before laying down your cash on the table.

Some of the most common examples when it comes to additional requirements include:

  • You are not allowed to withdraw any amount within 30 days of claiming the promotion
  • Certain Bonus are eligible only in certain games
  • You can only have one active bonus at a time; to claim the other bonus, the current one must be closed or completed first
  • You might have to wait for a specific time period to withdraw your bonus

Transactions of winning Money and Bonuses Money

The method of winning money and bonus money differs from sportsbook to sportsbook. However, some steps remain the same.

  1. How to know if you have qualified for a bonus?

    In order to view if you have any bonuses available to you currently on the Singapore betting sites, all you need to do is head over the ‘My Bonuses’ option or by pressing on the cash balance display. Over here, you will be able to view which types of bonuses you are qualified for, the expiry date, and many other details about your bonuses. You can also see the total balance of the bonuses you can still use. z2
  2. How will you receive your bonuses

    In normal cases, most promotions that offer bonuses to players will pay out the bonus almost immediately once you have completed the qualifying steps. You will be able to see the bonus balance of the updated mobile page or website site whenever the bonus is awarded. Alternatively, you can also keep a close eye on the ‘My Bonuses’ page.
  3. How do you use your bonuses?

    Once you have received your bonuses, it will be used at bet placement before any real money from the balance in your main wallet automatically. This is an automated system and as long as the bet matches the terms and conditions, your bonuses will be added to the bets you make. If you win your hand, the profits will be kept in the bonus wallet till the required turnover and conditions are met. After this, the balance will be transferred into your main account.
  4. When can you get winnings from your bonuses?

    Once the required turnovers are completed, all the bets that are qualified must settle before the bonus’s expiry date. Once the winnings are transferred into your main account, you can withdraw and use it according to your wishes. However, if everything gets settled after the bonus expiry date, all pending winnings and bonuses will be lost to you.
  5. Game Wallet/ Games Wallet/ Bonuses Wallet

    There are many ways you can withdraw or deposit money in an online casino online site. Most sites offer alternative payment methods alongside conventional options like debit or credit cards. One of these alternative options is called wallets. They are most commonly known as e-wallets but have some other nicknames like bonuses wallet, games wallet, game wallet, etc.  

These wallets are one of the easiest modes of payment at online casinos. In simple terms, a wallet is an online service that lets its customers control and store their online trading information like passwords and usernames in a secured location. Some advantages of wallets include:

  • Safety: A web wallet exists online and can be accessed only by you. Therefore, this eliminates the need for a third party.
  • Quick Transactions: Withdrawing and depositing cash via a wallet is much faster than any other common forms of transactions.
  • More affordable: Usually, the bank charges on wallets are much lower than other forms of payment. Sometimes, there are none at all as well.

Bonuses Terms: Cash or Free Play or Credits

There is one main difference between a play bonus and a cash bonus. Once you have met the necessary wagering requirements, a cash bonus can be withdrawn; on the other hand, a play bonus cannot be withdrawn in such cases. This is a difference that plays a significant role in the overall value you will be receiving.

Cash bonuses are quite easy to understand. Once you have wagered the amount as per the said requirements, you will be able to withdraw any money that is left in your account. This includes any of the remaining bonus funds. In short, you can potentially lose money while playing, but still, end up with a profit.

In the case of a play bonus, the bonus funds (remaining) will get removed from your main account while you are at the point of making a withdrawal. Assuming that you have met with the requirements, you will be able to withdraw any winnings you might have made. But, if you lose your money while in the game, those losses will come out of your deposited money first and then from your bonus funds.

From the above comparison, you can see that cash bonuses are a more preferred type of bonus that smart bettors would go for. But, you will find a lot of casino players who do not bother claiming any play bonuses they might be entitled to because they do not see much difference between the two. But, little do they know that both have different values in the long run because more money means more opportunities.

What is a Bonuses Limit? What are the other Perks apart from the Bonus?

In today’s time, live casino Singapore bonuses have become an essential tool for online casinos. They are very crucial for attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. Earlier, bonuses with tricky conditions used to exist that made it next to impossible to withdraw any of their earnings.

However, today, as the competition and pressure started to increase on licensing authorities, the situation has flipped in the favour of the customers. Some general bonus conditions include:

  • A single account is entitled to a single bonus. This also limits other factors like IP address, email address, bank account or credit card details. Try not to create multiple accounts; if you do, all your bonuses will be taken away and all your winnings will be voided.
  • You cannot withdraw your bonuses immediately. As written above, you will need to roll over the bonus amounts several times in the casino. This is also known as the wagering requirements.
  • Some bonuses like the no deposit bonuses include the maximum withdrawal limits. As the name suggests, if you plan to withdraw $500 from your account and your maximum withdrawal limit is only $100, you will be able to withdraw only $100 and the rest of the balance will be voided.

Perks of online casino games other than bonus

Other than bonuses, there are many perks of participating in an online casino like:
  • Convenience

The most primary reason why people love playing live casino games online in an online casino is that of the conveniences they offer. With the dawn of the internet, people can now gamble within the comforts of their own homes at any point in time. You can also play alone or play with people from around the world.

  • Games

In the case of online casino games, you have the option of playing any game you want for free. This is perhaps the best point about online casinos; you do not have to risk anything to play. Many people play these free games when they are starting out. While they might not earn anything this way, free games become a valuable part of practice.

  • Global access

The last final benefit of live casino games online is the global access factor. People from around the world have the opportunity to play against other players in some other corner of the world. This makes the games very exciting, while you also get to meet new people.

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