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[ 11-07-2018 ]

No Cash? Play These 5 Online Free Slot Games To Win Big

You might think if there is a point in playing free casino slot games. This thought arises from the fact that you wonder if you will be winning any real money while you do so. All of this may make you feel that you are whiling away your time playing free casino slot games as compared to when you play them for real money. But contrary to this thought, you can play free slot games when you sign up for mobile or online casinos. Once you log into your accounts of a particular casino website, you can very well test the various free online slots games without any risk. By doing so, you can easily come to know which free casino games having free slots machines are the most enjoyable when you play free slots. Read on to know these 5 free casino slot games that do not require cash, here at SCR99SG2:

  • 168 Fortune


168 Fortunes is a game that has grandeur and opulence. The background of this game has a red color that is considered auspicious in the area of the Far East. The point to focus on the game is the reels, which are bigger in size than the once you will notice in the other games.  

Game Theme

The theme of the game is of the famous Far East giving bold and huge graphics that fill the player with the temptation to play it every time.

How to Play

You need to match the same symbols to win the game. You have to get at least three dragons serpents and match two of them to get a payout. The symbols present in these free slots games are golden or of any other colored. To get bigger winnings, you have to get the golden ones to line up. These gold symbols also give you a shot at playing the progressive jackpot.    
  • Baby Cai Shen


Baby Cai Shen has an interface wherein you travel to the Far East as the final destination. The background of these free casino slot games has bright colors instead of muted ones. The symbols on the reels have lucky red as the dominant tone.

Game Theme

The oriental theme of Baby Cai Shen is implemented in the game interface with fun and beautiful colors. Though the features are limited, you can a lot of free spins for free online slots.  

How to Play

Baby Cai Shen is one of the free slot games that have a maximum of nine pay lines and uses five reels. You can also reduce the number of pay lines and reels if you want to reduce the bet amount. You can choose the Auto Play option for an even more relaxed playing.  
  • Fist of Gold


Fist of Gold is one of those free casino games, that is a 3D masterpiece when it comes to graphics. It has a translucent reel and dojo background to give the players an ultimate challenge to fulfill.

Game Theme

The game’s theme revolves around action and is specially crafted to give the player the experience of his life. To win in Fist of Gold, the themed symbols stay true to the golden nature of this free slot machines game.

How to Play

If you reel in five dragons, you can earn up to 25 free spins in these free casino games. Also, if you get 10, you can 15 free spins. If you get the free spins, the rolling reels get activated and for every spin in the mini-game. You get a shot at activating the multiplier at the maximum of 10x for winning massively.  
  • Soccer Mania


Play free slots in this Soccer Mania game for free online slots, the gaming interface is such that it makes you give the feel of a stadium. You stand in this stadium ready to score a hat-trick. It offers huge jackpots for you to win.

Game Theme

The theme of the game is that of a stadium in which you have to think that you are a player that has come there to make a goal and win real money for playing these free slot machines game.

How to Play

On the pitch, there are a total of 5 reels having a total of 5 win lines. These free slot machines game does not provide you no cost spins that you get in other games when you play free slots. If there is a match of 3 or above, you need to find scatter from all the tiles.     
  • Lion-Emperor


Lion-emperor is one of the free slot games and free casino games that provide free slot machines. In these free casino games, you need to choose lion as the emperor and get it on the 5 reels provided.      

Game Theme

Taken from Asia’s traditional theme, the Lion-emperor free casino games give both wild and exotic appeal in its gaming interface. There are graphics of mammals that move here and there in the gaming graphics.

How to Play

The scatter symbol of these free casino slot games game is a tiger and the game is played for a maximum of nine rounds. If two tigers come together, you can play for the Adventure Bonus. At the end of the game, you can also try for the progressive jackpots.  



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