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[ 27-06-2018 ]

5 Quick Ways to Win a Slot Machine Jackpot

Playing slot games is always an exciting experience you look forward to when you are eyeing the casino gaming machines. And the chance of winning the jackpot sweetens the deal even more. If you are looking to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot while picking slot games to play, you have come to the right place. Here are 5 effective tips that will help you win the jackpot while playing at the best slot machines.


1. Time the slot machines

In this first tip you will learn how to boost your winning chances at the best casino slots online. In the real land based type of casinos you can just sit close to the casino slot machine for timing it and view the results. This may seem easy but is not, as you have to continue playing while you time the machine failing which you will make other players suspicious of your actions. When you see a specific slot machine getting too much attention and has not yet given its big win, it indicates that it is close to a big payout. This is the right time to play so you should be ready to grab your spot at the machine before another person nears it. A majority of online casinos announce the recent jackpots at the online betting slots. When you play slot games and find a slot machine has just paid a huge jackpot let some time lag before you start playing the slot.

2. Know about slot cycles

All the best slot machines have cycles of their own. Each game will reach a point where the machine will deliver a big payout. You need to be the slot player when the payout occurs. If you notice a game has been progressing for some time, it indicates it is gearing up for a large hit which is mostly in single row. And when a game pays out big, it is not the end; you should stay around and watch if it can give more. This type of pattern happens often where slot machines give big wins continuously.

3. Steer away from unpopular slots

Don’t frequent slots machines which other players avoid. Choose best casino slots that grab the most attention from the players. Popular games have higher chance of payouts and the kind of jackpot you are aiming at. On the other hand, if you choose a slot that is less popular and stale you will just be wasting your money as you will not get any decent wins. And most importantly, the unpopular slots do not offer the excitement and thrill you want and most probably do not carry some of the special features that add zing to the game.

4. Don’t linger too long in a game

Avoid being glued to a specific slot machine for a prolonged period of time. If a game keeps you stringing along giving sufficient wins and the hope of getting bigger wins, you have to realize that the game that drags too much will not get any loose than it is and it is time you call a halt to it. The best approach to online slots real money game of this type is stop playing the game for some time and then return to it. The time lapse is for other players to loosen the game, so when you return you will be nearer to the big win you expect. Never sit too long in a game allowing it to drain all your money.


5. Choose the slot games with high limit

Always choose the best slot machines that have a higher limit of payout. While these may be expensive, the payouts more than make up for the expense. And you also get frequent payouts. But you have to keep an eye on your bankroll when you play the high limit slot games. If you are used to playing at the regular slot machines you should be more cautious while using the high limit machines. This is because you can lose your money faster, if you are not careful. But these slots are your best choice, if you want to play the looser slot machines.


If you want to identify the loose slot games to play and win big, the above tips will help you achieve it. When you play at the best slot machines, ensure you manage your bankroll smartly from the beginning. And while you are following the above tips don’t forget to enjoy the game, which is very important.  Since casino gaming machines online provide different types of online slots real money games, you need to choose the best casino slots that will give you big wins and let you enjoy your time at the slots. And don’t stick to a game for fear of losing a big win that you think is not going to come sooner.