Do you know how to bluff in online poker? - IDN Poker Tips|cn

Do you know how to bluff in online poker? - IDN Poker Tips
[ 07-06-2018 ]

Do you know how to bluff in online poker? - IDN Poker Tips

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Poker game is different from the other live casino games online because it involves bluffing. Bluffing is an important tool in poker without which your winning chances decrease considerably. You bluff your way into the game by outbidding or outplaying your opponent, when you don’t have the best poker hand.  Bluffing is vital skill you should have, if you intend to play poker games well. The five-card is used by some smart poker players to bluff by forming an illusion. When an opponent refuses to call confidently, you cannot be fully certain of it. So in addition to mastering the skill of bluffing, you should also know how to spot your opponent who is bluffing. And remember that without bluffing you miss a valuable opportunity to take the poker pot without a try. So, here we will see how you can ace at bluffing in poker.

Why it is hard to bluff opponent in online poker

It is very difficult to bluff in poker in an online betting site, when compared to the real casino poker games. In the conventional form, players avoid verbal interactions and eye contact to make their bluff look authentic. The important strategy here is to confuse the opponent as to the main reason for such actions. This will avoid your opponent to exploit your emotions and personality, and predict your subsequent move. Some poker players use sunglasses to hide their eyes from the opponent. The above tactics are of use only when you play the real land based table poker and not in the online format.

In online betting site poker, you can bluff better than in the land based real poker table. This is because you have to just use the mouse click as against making a call and pushing in your chips. You will not be looking at any person, so you will not have to be anxious about your body language, the quickening of your pulse or when you start sweating.  You have a single tell that you cannot hide in online poker. The time taken by you to bet and the amount you bet are reliable tells to consider. So it is best to not make huge bets, when your hand does not amount to much.

Learn to how to spot bluffing while play poker games

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Strong Sign of Bluffing 1: Lengthy pause with a subsequent raise

This is the most vital bluffing sign when you play poker games. When you bet, your poker opponent will pause for around 15 seconds and raises you after the pause. However a person using this can well be giving off his or her tell. This kind of move is possible only when the person is sure of a big hand on the poker table. An opponent will raise, when he or she is sure of the bluff, but mostly the raise is because the person has a bigger and better hand.

Strong sign of bluffing 2: Lightning fast raise

As the name suggests, this fast raise is a clear indicator that the person is a bluffer or maniac or a player who is sure of the poker hand he or she has and want to raise or bet irrespective of the type of action that triggered it. This move should caution you to tread with care as this automatic raise is usually chosen when the player is sure of a big hand.

Sign of weak hand 3: Direct automatic check

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This indicates a folding or weak hand and is a direct tell. The auto check switch is used only when a player is willing to fold the hand. The switch is used for players who want to call rather than check raise after using it. If you are placed in a minor field and it is auto checked towards you, it is time to take the pot down immediately.

Sign of neutral hand 4: Placing an odd number bet

This situation is seen in the no limit poker live casino games. You can bet in fractions of a single dollar. If you see such as bet, you should not interpret it either as a weak or strong hand and keep it neutral. This is done by players to dupe their opponents or scare them into calling the hand.

Sign of neutral hand 5: Opponent is quick to call your bet

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A fast call by your opponent in an online betting site indicates a marginal hand or that he or she is chasing you. Use reverse psychology to know that this is an intimidation move as with a powerful hand, you will be raised instead of a flat call. It is best to bet normally but expert players make fast calls as they intend to call to the river.

Sign of strong hand or bluff 6: Huge bets of all in type against pot size

This move is for aggressive or weak players. Weak players use the all-in when they get a stronger hand in the hope of being called. The all-in can also be a bluff, especially if the bet is bigger than the pot. On the other hand, a player with monster hand likes to string along a player and get better value than doing an all-in and hoping for a call. This is the most difficult move to understand and can be done only when you watch over your opponent closely.


bluffing in online poker

You will take time to boost your skill in intuitive tells on the behavior of playerswho play poker games online. If you do make mistakes in the beginning do not worry about it. Once you have gained plenty of experience, you can easily figure about over 50% of the time as to when a player is bluffing and not bluffing. You will learn to master the game. IDN Poker provides you with a safe environment for poker games and you get to play with different bet sizes. Sign up now at SCR99SG2 to understand how players bluff and you will soon start earning money of your own.