Guidelines to become a live poker player pro - 6 things you shouldn't do|cn

Guidelines to become a live poker player pro - 6 things you shouldn
[ 04-06-2018 ]

Guidelines to become a live poker player pro - 6 things you shouldn't do

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To become a live poker play pro when you play poker games, you need to make sure you don’t commit common mistakes. So, in order to avoid such mistakes, read on to know more about poker games and the things you shouldn’t be doing so that you secure a win. Also, for online casino Singapore, check out the features of SCR99SG2 talked about at the end.

Live casino games online- Texas Hold’em

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Texas Hold’em is one of the most famous live casino games. Play poker games online by playing Texas Hold’em. It is a game in which you sit with a dealer. Both of you would have to try and do the best five-card hand. This game involves cards, chips, and a general intuition. There is no mathematical calculations and bluff involved in these live casino games online.

How to play an online poker game

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A poker game contains the use of five cards and once the betting starts, is divided into two types: Draw Poker and Stud Poker. In Draw Poker, the players change their hands in order to improve them. On the other hand in Stud Poker, chips are wagered in after determining the strength of the hands. The person with the maximum bids of chips wins unless someone else matches his bid.

How to win an online poker game

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Poker hands consist of five cards. For instance, even if the players have seven cards each in a seven-card stud game, the top five cards are played with. Poker does not have seven or six-card hand. Therefore, the seven-card hand i.e. Ad Qs 6h 5d defeats Ks Kd 9h 9s 7s 7d 2s despite the fact that the latter has three pairs while the former has only two. Let’s look at the card terminology below:


○ Royal Flush: Five cards which come in a sequence having the same suit. The greatest straight flush card, which has an ace as a high card is called royal flush.

○ Straight flush: During a showdown, the greatest top card hand wins when the players holds straight flushes.

○ Four of a kind: Cards that are four in number and having equal rank, called as squads.

○ Flush: Five cards having the same suit.

○ Straight or less:  Consecutive cards, five in number.

○ Three of a kind: Three cards that are same in ranking and called as trips.

○ Two Pair: Two cards of the same rank and two cards of some other rank.

○ One Pair: Two cards equal in ranking.

○ No pair: None of the above-mentioned card types.

Play poker games with these rules

When you play poker games, the game moves in a clockwise direction when each player acts according to his/her turn. These below-mentioned actions are the ones that are taken in such a game:

○ Check: A check is done when no bet has occurred in a round.  

○ Bet: Players need to bet if none of the players have bet in a particular round.

○ Fold: Fold means forfeiting cards and thus, the players cannot play in the current round.

○ Call: A called player has to equal the highest bet in a round.

○ Raise: The raising player has to equal the highest bet in a round.  

Avoid these six mistakes to increase your online poker skills

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While you play poker games, make sure you do not commit these mistakes so that you master the techniques of playing poker:

No Need to Play Every Hand, Fold More

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The first mistake a beginner poker player makes is to play hands that are more than required. Playing more doesn’t guarantee you a win. Hence, do not stay in hands that are not worth it just for the sake of playing.

Don’t Play While You Are Drunk

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Drinking might help you relax for live casino games online, but it can very well ruin your chances of winning the game as you would lose focus, therefore, playing less sharply and loosely irrespective of the fact that you are completely drunk or not.

Don’t Just Bluff Because You Have To

don't just bluff

Bluffing proves to be advantageous in particular situations and against particular players only. It is almost impossible to bluff a player who calls the showdown. Don’t think that you won’t win if you don’t bluff. In addition to this, there is no fixed rule that one always have to bluff while you play online casino Singapore or any other poker game.

Never Stay In a Hand Just Because You Are In It

never stay in a hand just because you are in

You won’t win a pot by just throwing some money towards it. In some cases, the pot odds will warrant a call, but in the situation where you know you have been beaten and you no longer know how to improve your hand in order to make it the best hand then folding right away will be the best option in live casino games.

Don’t Call at the Closing of a Hand Just to “Keep Someone Honest”   


If a player actually has the hand he/she is representing, it would seem worth it just to see it. But you must know that you really are gathering information that can help you at a later stage. But if you think you are best and the player has got the hand, don’t let him take away a pile of the money you bet. These bets will sum up over the evening in an online casino Singapore


Don’t Play Poker Games, When Sad, Mad, or in a Really Bad Mood

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When you are playing poker or live casino games, make sure you are not just doing it to escape sadness, depression or just to turn a bad day into a good day. You play emotionally and not rationally when you are feeling like this. This will not make you play your best game.

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