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[ 21-05-2018 ]

Online Live Roulette Guideline for beginners: 9 Most Useful Roulette Tips


Playing at the land based casinos is something every casino aficionado loves to do. But finding a reputed casino nearby is often difficult. The online live casino games, however ,more than make up for the lack. For roulette wheel game lovers, it is not possible to play online live roulette with the same ambience as in the land-based casinos. The mobile apps further make the casino games exciting and fun as you can play whenever and wherever you want. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to play your favorite casino games, while on the move or at home, with ease.


1. What is Live Roulette?



Live Roulette Wheel game is a casino game where you do not use the RNGs (Random number generators) to decide the outcome of the game. The online live roulette has a real human dealer spinning the wheel during the game. You can play the Roulette game in the same way as you do in a brick and mortar casino.


2. Reason to play live roulette online


a. Safe and Secure


Many players are wary of playing in an online casino site due to fears about the safety and security of the site. This is the reason all reputed online casinos test their RNGs with third party and in-house auditors. This helps ensure a unbiased random outcome whenever you spin the online Roulette Wheel. But some players are not satisfied with this. They need more assurance about the safety of the game. The live Roulette online is an ideal choice for such players. The live dealer ensures that every outcome is random as you get to see in real time the dealer spinning the reel.


b. Friendly and Fun Interaction


The live Roulette game gives the exact ambience as a land-based casino making you enjoy the game as you would in a real casino. The live dealers further make the experience authentic and exciting. They are interactive, friendly and knowledgeable making the game more thrilling and awesome. If you play regularly you can also get to know the live dealer you are interacting with just as you would in brick and mortar casino. You can use the voice chat or text them when you have a query or want to chat with them.


c. Mobile Live Roulette


Mobile live Roulette is an added perk you get with playing Roulette online. You can access the Roulette Wheel game from your mobile just as you do on your desktop. And the experience is on par with the desktop game makes playing the game more enthralling and fun as you get to play on the go.


3. Game Rules of Live roulette online


Live roulette online is of two basic types, namely European and American Roulette. In European Roulette, the wheel has 36 numbers and a single zero. In this wheel the odds are very low. The overall edge provided by the house is just 27%. In American Roulette, there are 36 numbers, a single zero and a double zero. This is why American Roulette is also called as double zero wheels. The odds are too low than the European Roulette with the overall edge being 5.25%. This is why European Roulette is offered by most of the casinos. In European Roulette, the numbers are from inside to outward direction while in American Roulette the numbers are from outside to inward direction


The game rules include:


Inside and Outside bet: These two types have different limits for the bets. It is possible to bet higher on the outside bets. This is because payouts are higher on the inside type of bets.


The Roulette bets include straight, split, street, square, six line, colors, dozens, low/highs, evens/odds and columns bets.


4. 9 Most Useful Roulette Tips for beginners


a. Try a few spin on free games


This will help you understand the roulette wheel game better. When you are confident of playing the game, you can move over to the real games.  

b. Always play European roulette games


While starting on Online Roulette game avoid playing American Roulette as the double zero bet may boost your profit margins, it equally boosts your odds to lose too.  

c. Pick a trusted online casino to play


The online live casino games are so numerous in number that you may fall prey to unscrupulous casinos. Avoid establishments that rip off the players or rob you of your payouts.


d. Outside bet is more profitable


Start with bets on odd, even or color numbers and on the low or high numbers. Such bets may give you low returns, but the winning chances are more with such bets.  

e. Be cautious with your bets


While playing online, a little gambling help will ensure you get good profits on your bets. While playing a bet of straight up type and you win, it will be considered as a split bet, if your chip is touching the border of the number. Split bets do not pay as high as the straight up type of bets as they pay just 17: 1.


You cannot make bets when the ball is in the Roulette wheel head.


f. Minimize the bet size as your money shrinks


Make it a point to review your bankroll regularly, if you want to enjoy the game for a longer time. This way you can minimize the bet size, when your bankroll reduces.


g. Set some kind of target for winning


Fix a specific winning target and stick to it. Don’t give in to your greedy streak, when you reach the winning limit.


h. Fix a loss limit


Manage your gambling budget wisely. If you wipe out all the funds you have, accept the loss. And avoid chasing your previous losses as this can lead you to be addicted to the game.


i. Do not follow the trend


Instead of deciding based on the prevailing gambling trend, make your own decision. You will not regret the decision.


5. Final thought:


Live Roulette online game is a perfect game to play as players of all levels would find it interesting and profitable.  With appropriate gaming help, you will be able to use different tactics to calculate and win big in the live casino games.