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Online slot machines vs. Casino slot machines
[ 30-04-2018 ]

Online slot machines vs. Casino slot machines

Gambling is great fun and a good source of entertainment. There are different types of games that come under gambling, like casino slot machines and fruit machines. Some of the machines are paid for while others are free. Casinos are full of such gambling machines that the public could use in exchange for money. The industry that deals with the casinos is called the gaming industry. To increase the chances of people visiting casinos, casinos are often close to hotels or restaurants.

What are casino slot machines?

casino slot machines

Slot machines were previously known as fruit machines. It is a gambling machine that has three reels or even more than three reels. They spin when the button is pushed. In most cases, for each push of the button, you have to insert coins into the machine. If the pattern of the symbols in the casino slot machines is same in two or more rows, then the player gets a reward. Studies done by Canadian researchers showed that the sounds of machines play a vital role in making the players excited and making them believe that they have that they have won more number of times while playing on a slot machine. Another research found out that sound influences the overall arousal levels of players, which are depicted through various signs, such as sweaty palms and an augmented heart rate. Canadian scientists reckon sounds as important since they disguise the losses of gamblers as their victories. In the early 1900s, only one ringing bell went off each time a player won something. Now, on an average, about 400 different sounds come out of the machine. A celebratory tune is played whenever a player wins something, which is understandable. But, even when the player loses, a celebratory song is played. This is to distract them from realizing that they lost their money and it is also to encourage them to play more. The response of skin conductance was much higher in sessions of gambling that had sound effects rather than the ones that didn’t.

What are online slot machines?

online slot machine

Online slot machines are the same as the ones that we see in casinos except that these are online. Reputed developers, like Microgaming, release exciting and new online slots almost every month. Online slot games have become very successful and popular over the years, which is why they are also incorporated in online casinos as is in the case of land-based casinos.

A. Why should you play on online slot machines?

online slot machine

A large number of people prefer to play online rather than physically going to a casino. Some reputed websites initially offer free slot games, like 50 spins, so that people can begin to play. In order to go to casinos and play games, like card games or even a table game, you need to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve. But, if you play online, you skip all of that. Being able to play online also eliminates the whole part where you have to interact with others, which is a big point for many people, especially introverts.
  1. Easy to play

The free slot games not only make it free to play the game initially, but they are also much easier. In real life, when you go to a casino, you have to learn how to play certain card or table games. These games include a lot of bluffing but you can skip all of that by simply playing online.
  1. A better option to your liking

Casino slot machines have a lot of customizable options when you play games online. These features get unlocked as you play more and more. In real life, when you go to a casino there aren’t half as many options available when you compare it to the online experience.
  1. Fair Game

When you play online, it is all programmed. When you go to a physical casino, you have to interact with others a lot, be it other players or employees of the casino that are helping you to play the game. In real life casino, other players will observe your behavior and will try to find your “tell” to know when you are bluffing and when you are not so that they have better chances of winning. But, when you play the same game online, these unfair means are removed and the game is much more fun.
  1. Progressive Jackpot

Most of the games that you will see or play in casinos are basic and do not have extra features on them. However, if you play on online casinos, then you will come across many fruit machines or other such games that are loaded with extra features. Online casinos contribute to a more intense and enjoyable game-playing experience for the customers and urge them to come back for more and more. Progressive jackpots have a big role in turning some of the players into millionaires.
  1. Easily accessible

Playing games online is more convenient than going to an actual casino and playing games. When you go to an actual casino, you need to know the games and how to bluff. Apart from that, you may also have to wait for a good amount of time for the tables or machines to get free, so that you could have a chance to play. However, when you choose to play games online, you could instantly start playing the free slot machines or any other type of machine without having to wait.


What are the differences between a regular slot and jackpot slot?

The differences between a regular and jackpot slot have been mentioned below:

jackpot slot

a. Regular slots

When you get to playing games on regular slots, it will not take you long to figure out that they also have jackpots. Regular slots are commonly referred to as non-progressive jackpot slots because they have fixed jackpots. No matter the number of times you win them, they are always of the same amount. Regular slots come with smaller prizes as compared to progressive jackpot slots. Plus, your winning amount depends on how much you bet. A regular slot might have a stake worth 500 x the amount you put in. It means that even if you put $0.20 or $100 per spin, your winning jackpot amount will always be the same, which is worth 500 times of that amount.

b. Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots are generally called progressive jackpot slots. These are different from regular slots because their jackpots are progressive (means they shift) and not fixed. In this, the jackpot could be worth millions of dollars, unlike the regular and non-progressive slots. Also, in jackpot slots, each time you make a bet, the amount of jackpot increases. When these slots are won, their prize vanishes and goes back to the standard one as the default level. It then builds up again with time as the number of players who bet on the slot increases. Progressive jackpots are run over a network. This means that many free slot machines and casinos could have the similar jackpot running if they have the same jackpot slot that offers the same game. This indicates that the winner could be playing in a completely different casino than you are. Thus, these are the differences between various online slot machines and casino slot machines, such as fruit machines and free slot machines. Plus, regular slots are different from jackpot slots in several free slot games.