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10 Biggest Real Casino Myths Debunked
[ 12-04-2018 ]

10 Biggest Real Casino Myths Debunked

From ages, the world of casino gambling is engulfed with a thick air of superstitions and urban myths. These myths, range from wacky stuff related to the colour of the shirt to record-based saga such as use slot “X” to win a big jackpot. In addition, the “hot & cold table,” today seems like a matter of fact with no logical reasoning.

Why We Follow the Casino Myths?

As a matter of truth, the casino is a game of luck, therefore, without arguing gamblers across the globe adhere to these myths, without raising a question.

Roulette Gambling Is Creating a Lot Buzz Nowadays

Commonly, pronounced as the king of Casino, the Roulette, game or the little wheel is a casino game of the French origin. For several decades, this is game, which has gained popularity across the globe perhaps for its winning potential.

Here are a few reasons, why roulette over the years has maintained a strong following worldwide.

Let's Know the Truth-

1. The Game Is Easy to Learn

The single biggest reason, which fueled this game to become popular in every nook and corner of this world is that the roulette game is quite easy to learn. Even, a first time-player can play the game without much fuzz, upon knowing the set of rules of roulette. Or, even just by watching a few clippings, to master the art of roulette gambling. Perhaps, this is a significant aspect why roulette is the king of the casino. Now, compare this game to other casino games like the baccarat, an absolute beginner can easily step into the casino arena and drive home real cash, without any fears.

Roulette is a casino game with simple mechanics. Baccarat is also a simple game with simple mechanics. So click on and read ‘ Rules for Baccarat Game’ to read the rules of Baccarat. When you’re in a casino, you should try out more than one game.

2. The "Wheel" Makes the Game Exciting

The wheel here, adds to oodles of the excitement of the roulette game, and in fact, this is the centre of attraction for all casino gamblers. Of course, who wouldn't be fascinated by the fact that one can drive home thousands of dollars, with the fate of small white ball revolving around the small wheel? In simple words, the wheel is what adds to the drama, and a top reason for the game's growing popularity.

3. Roulette Is a Social Game

Yes, money is one of the top motives that drive people to casino gambling, however, some are seeking social fun from Roulette . Thus, why Roulette is gaining grounds around the world. Since here you are not betting against each other, therefore, there are no rivalries, just play for fun and try your own luck. If pays off you win, otherwise go home. Plus, in a game of roulette, there are no sides, so no fierce competition.

In This Post, We List Top Ten Real Casino Myths:

Casino Myth-1

Roulette Is Sometimes Referred to as 'the Devil's Game.'

Casino Myth-2

Unlike Other Games in the Casino Like Blackjack or Craps, It Is Considered to Be Rude to Have a Drink with You at a Roulette Table.

Casino Myth-3

Impress the Other Players at the Roulette Table by Using the Proper Terms for Things.

Casino Myth-4

The Most Commonly Played Number on the Roulette Wheel Is 17.

Casino Myth-5

When a Black Number Hits, It Doesn't Mean a Red One Is Next.

Casino Myth-6

The Known Record for the Same Number Hitting Consecutively Happened at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, Where Number 19 Hit an Incredible 7 Times in a Row.

Casino Myth-7

Ashley Revell from the UK Did Something Insane in 2004. He Bet His Life Savings, $135,300 USD, on a Single Spin of the Roulette Wheel. He Bet It All on Red. To His Stunned Relief It Landed on Red, and He Walked Away with over $270,000.

Casino Myth-8

While Ashley Revell Might Hold the Record for Biggest Win on a Single Spin, Another Briton, Philip Green, Is Widely Known for an Unbelievable Winning Night. In One Night at a London Casino, He Won More Than £2 Million at the Roulette Table.

Casino Myth-9

Although Many Players Claim to Have a Winning System, the Reality Is That There Is No Way to Legally Beat the Casino and Win at Roulette. The Best Bet Is the Simplest, Red or Black.

Casino Myth-10

Plenty of People Have Found Illegal Ways to Beat the Casino, Though. Francis Farrugia Is One of the Most Famous, as He Used a 'Top Hatting' Late Bet Scam to Win Millions over the Course of 20 Years before He Was Finally Caught.

Concluding Thought

The above ten myths, on the whole, are far from being true, they are mostly a sequence of co-incidences and false rumours, as per top gambling experts worldwide. So, stick to the basics, and practise hard, to become the pro of online casino gambling.