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5 Things Make Online Casino Websites Shutdown
[ 19-03-2018 ]

5 Things Make Online Casino Websites Shutdown

Being one of the oldest pastimes for people of all age groups, online gambling is the potential business to invest in. Amidst the booming of digital gambling, there are several stories of casino websites not able to cash-in onto the sea of opportunities presented by the World Wide Web, thus, eventually had to shut down.

There is a myriad of reasons leading to the worldwide shutdown of the casinos. And, a few of them are highlighted, so scroll down and check them all:

Online Casino Websites File for Bankruptcy

Just like any corporate business, a casino company can also get bankrupt. This generally, happens during the early stage of the business establishment, owing to initial financial instability. However, that doesn't mean, a long-standing online casino won't shut down. It depends primarily on the deposits it is getting from its members. If it's online campaigns are unsuccessful in attracting gamblers to increase their bankroll, the chances are quite, that the casino website will close down. To make it simple, the deposits are the capital required by any online casino website to obtain a licence and to develop new business relationships and explore new opportunities. So, the financial management of the online casino is what makes a difference between a website running debts to one making huge annual profits. Another aspect of running a successful online gaming gambling website is knowing the art of promotion and marketing within a constrained budget.

Broke Casino Websites Merge With Other

Instead of shutting down, the online casinos facing bankruptcy, follow the suite of business norms and get merge with any other top running smart live casino website. From the player's point of view, their money will either be refunded or transferred to your new parent casino website account. The player now has to play on the new website, on the side of the coin is that the players have to get out their comfort and may shake for the first a few bets. On the flip side, you can try something new and the excitement of gaming is bound to heighten up. So as a player for you it will be a blessing and disguise if your casino website is shut down.

Rogue Casino Get Blacklisted

Lowering of online reputation can bring about the downfall of any casino website. If there are active forums operated by casino experts and players against a specific casino website, then sooner or later, it might have to surrender. Today, there are websites and online forums are dedicated for the purpose of obtaining revies and rating from the people about their experiences with a particular casino website. If there are several reports of fallacy made by players for a specific online casino website, then it will get blacklisted. As a newbie to online casino gambling, you should stay away from a rogue casino website, as they probably not handle your money and personal details in a safe and secure manner. So, go through the customer feedback websites, before you sign up and start betting.

Rebrand Company

A rebranded casino is not the right place to bet with utter complete peace of mind. The concept of rebranding is quite common. A website, which is blacklisted for not adhering to the laws set by the state and central government of the country where that casino is operative, come up with a new name and new look, but, same rogue approach. So, as a player, you should research the internet to gain information on this, check online reviews and ratings to know whether your casino website is genuine or not.

Company May Possibly Change Their Licensing

Getting an online casino license is the toughest hurdle to overcome, apart from obtaining them, they need to ensure, it is up-to-date. Failing to do so, the online casino website has to shut down with immediately, In that case, by law, it is required to refund all the deposits of their members. However, most of the rogue websites, don't obey this.

The downfall of the Smart Live Gaming company

In August 2016 the Smart Live Gaming was closed down in the United Kingdom as its license was suspended by the UK Gambling Commission. The UK Gambling Commission said that the company failed to abide by the norms for which the licence was issued, therefore, it was suspended with immediate effect. Ironically, the officials didn't have a word to say on the accounts of members and money deposited in them.


At the end of it all from the above-listed points, you probably have come to know some of the reasons for the shutting down of online casino worldwide, even when this concept is gaining serious popularity. Plus, if you are a player, then, you can apply the above reasons as tips to select the right online gambling site.