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The Ultimate Guide to Play Roulette Game:
[ 05-02-2018 ]

The Ultimate Guide to Play Roulette Game:



Roulette is one of the most popular casino games online real money, derived from the French word, which means little wheel. In this casino game, the wager has the luxury to bet on one single number or a group of numbers. He or she can also predict whether the number would be odd or even, and its colour, or if the number will all in the range of high 19-36 and low between 1-18. Ironically, the sum of all the numbers of the well of this game is 666 (0-36), and this number is termed as the "Number of the Beast." There is a popular saying about roulette that François Blanc has made a deal with a beast to seek all the secrets of the roulette game.

The principle of this game is quite simple. To determine the winning number, the group of number, the colour, the little wheel is rotated in one direction. Then, the ball spins into the opposite direction around a circular path covering the entire circumference of the wheel. Once the balls lose its momentum, it ultimately falls on the any of 37 or 38 coloured numbers of the wheel.

Guide to Play Roulette Wheel Games

Guide to Play Roulette Wheel Games
As a matter of truth is, the Roulette wheel games are one of the easiest casino activities. Here, no complex strategies or expert tactics are implemented to win. Plus, are the rules are such, you won't find it tough to memorize.

What's remarkable, with roulette wheel games, you have the luxury to present several outcomes, this, boosting your chances of winning. And, the payouts are commendable compared to other casino games.

Is the query, how do you play the roulette wheel, looming in your mind since the time you have heard about this casino game? Yeah, here, in this post, we provide you with a compelling guide on how to play the game of Roulette.

The roulette game is played with a large wheel which has 37 or 38 numbers depending upon this type. For European roulette, the number range of wheel 0-36, Whereas,  the American roulette also contains an extra number 00. All the pockets on the wheel are coloured, the green represents zeros, while, the rest of the numbers are evenly divided between the black and red colour.

Here, the dealer of the croupier spins the ball which is the outer rim, but, after sometime falls on any of the numbers.

Now, how to play? Before the dealer spins the ball, you can find opportunities to place your wager on a set of possible outcomes or one particular number. The players can make their respective bet before the dealer puts the ball into the wheel to decide the ball. While, for some physical casinos, you have to luxury to bet after the ball is in play, but for a few seconds. And, lastly, the dealer declares the winner, based on where the ball has landed.

Basic Casino Roulette Wheel Game Rules

Basic Casino Roulette Wheel Game Rules
A game of French tradition, the casino roulette wheel don't ask their lovers to memorise a complicated set of rules of norms. The rules for playing this game is quite simple. Here, priors to the rolling of the ball by the dealer, each player place a bet, on what number the ball will settle or the colour, whether the number will be odd or even, and many more possible outcomes. Much of the interest this game draws is from the set of diverse odds, which comes with the spinning of the ball on the mat. The basic bet outcomes of the Roulette are similar for other traditional and modern variants.

Odds & Payouts

Roulette Odds & Payouts
If you are new to roulette gaming, then, it is of paramount importance for you to get familiar with the possible chances of winning each game has. Though roulette is not a game of big strategies and tactics, every outcome of this game has a specific mathematical probability. Plus, the odds of the roulette varies slightly for each variant. The experts' worldwide suggest the chances of winning are higher for the European roulette, compared to the American version.

In a game of roulette, there are two sets of bets, one is the Inside Bets, whereas the other one is the Outside Bets. The latter one has a greater possibility of winning in contrast to the former ones. However, both of them varies largely regarding payouts, which are higher for the Inside Bets.

Those, who love to play it safe are big fans of the Outside Bets, as here the chances of losing are on the lower side. Plus, the most common outside bet is “even money’ bet,” which itself covers half of the outcomes of the wheel.
On the other hand, wagers, those who want to make it big, always go for the Inside Bets.  Here, you bet on one single number or group of numbers. There are several ways to bet on a group of numbers, but most of them related to the table positioning of the number.

Type of Roulette Game

The popular roulette online game websites or applications follow two types of the roulette variants, one is the American roulette, while the other one is European roulette.

American Roulette Rules

The Roulette online game adhering to the American rules primarily varies regarding the design of the roulette wheel. Here, the wheel has 00 pockets, whereas the European Roulette only has 0. And, the odds of winning here is 1 to 38

European Roulette Rules

Originated from France, the Roulette Online game following the principles of the European Roulette can be termed as the original version. The odds of winning here is 1-37, therefore, a slight higher its American counterpart.

Online Casino in Singapore- FAQ

Here, we are highlighting some of the most common online casino Singapore FAQs-

Age Requirement:

The legal age of betting in Singapore is 21, and all the authentic Singapore betting sites, obey this age restriction.

Is Online Roulette Game in Singapore Legal? Though there are many laws for land-based casinos in the country, there is no law that says playing online roulette game is illegal.

What Type of Online Roulette Games Can I Play at Singapore Online Casino Site? Both the European and the American Roulette are quite popular in the heaven of global casino space, Singapore. Additionally, here, you can play several exclusively interesting variants such as the Live Dealer and the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes on My Roulette Winning? Many of us have the common whether I have to pay any taxes on winning from playing an online roulette game. The answer is no, there are no capital gains on betting in Singapore. So, you take away all the earning, the government don't ask for any taxes.

Name One Top Rated Casino Site in Singapore

Top 35 Online Casino in Singapore is the most trusted online casino in Singapore.

Top 10 Online Roulette Wheel Tips

1. Pick European or American Roulette Games?

The American roulette table has a lower possibility of winning, but the payouts are higher in contrast to the  European roulette. Therefore, you aren't willing to risk too much, then the European roulette is the best pick. On the other hand, to earn more, opt for the  American Roulette.

2. Play With Outside Bets Can Make You Win More Money in the Early Stage

If you are new to roulette, then make outside bets, as they are a safe option to earn without risking anything.

3.  Once Is Enough to Test Out a System

As a rule of thumb, whenever you visit a new gambling place or waging online, always make a small trial bet to test the roulette system.

4.  Be a Calm Person, Never Play Drunk 

Hold your horse, and avoid drinking, when you are in the arena of online roulette games.

5. Manage Your Bankroll Management

Always bet in compliance with your bank balance.

6. Try Out Online Variant

Always try something new, to become pro of roulette.

7. Practice Your Skill on Free-to-Play Tables

Practice makes a man perfect, therefore, give in the hard yard until you become a successful wager.

8. Learn to Take a Break

Always, enter the arena of online roulette games, fully refreshed and energetic, both mentally and physically.

9. Review Different Online Roulette Site Bonus

Always, read online ratings and reviews, to compare the bonuses offer of online roulette sites.

10. The Roulette Wheel Game Trick

Check out some of the proven tricks for roulette wheel game-
-Spin the Wheel a Couple of Times Before Starting Your Turn
-Practice Playing at a Free Table Before Betting
-Play European Roulette, Not American Roulette
-Know How Much to Bet
-Withdraw Your Profits As They Come
-Stick to the Outside Bets
-Roulette Practice Benefit
If you want to gain expertise in Roulette gaming, then doing regular practice. There are many websites offering beginners of gambling to practice the craft of roulette, without spending a dollar. They offer a real land-based casino like ambience, where you will learn with every loss. Plus, these websites and applications, the resources and tools to make the real feel of playing. From that, you will able to learn the basic strategy to win, and the history of game, strategies, and terminology, both theoretically & practically.

Download Free Version to Practice with Your New Strategy or Your Learning Stage

Today, many online casinos applications have a trial version or the practice mode, where you can learn every inch of this casino game. All you have to do is the download the practice version of the online game, and then implement all the stuff you have learnt. Additionally, you can put into place, all the tricks, you might have come across over the Internet. The experience you gain here will help you make big money when you play against all people. And, what's more, if you have gain expertise in roulette gaming, practice every day to learn new things and succeed every time.

It Is for All Level Players

The online casino practice games are available for people of all expertise, be it a beginner, an amateur, or a guy with years of experience under his or her belt.

Take Free Credit to Practice for Your First Few Hand

Top online casino websites, allows its customers, both new and existing to take free credit and get with hands dirty with roulette practicing.

 Start to Play Real Money

The casino games online real money are over the years have gained in popularity, especially, because of its perk of allowing wagers to play at their will. You can place a bet while on your way to home or play your favorite casino game while on vacation, so there is no complication to visit a land-based casino site to satisfy your underline rush.

So, now you have decided to take up some real challenge. You have learned the art of roulette, every in and out of this game, then it's the right time to start betting.

Consequently, you find to find the best online casino to begin your journey as a player. However, with thousands of choices, you need to do a bit of background check to analyse the credibility of your prospective casino company. The best way to start is by reading online reviews and ratings, as they will tell whether the virtual casino you have opted for, offer the highest payout or not. So, go to some of the most authentic websites, and browse through several engine customer feedbacks.

Always pick a casino based on your requirement, not on the earning potential. If you want to play safe yet earn some extra dollars, then find virtual gambling place where the risks are minimal. And, what's more, the experts around the world say, it is no brainer to go through the terms and conditions page of the online casino website.

Concluding Thought

To wrap up, from the above data, you would have got the complete idea about Roulette game, its popular variants, and the tips to win big with minimum risk.