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Are Online casinos just real money scam?
[ 11-12-2017 ]

Are Online casinos just real money scam?

In recent years, many business owners start to build their online casino sites in Singapore. They label themselves as trusted online casino for people to win real money. With the intense competition, some of the new online casinos do not have a strong foundation in financial support to solve their lack of cash flow. They come out with tactics to scam the winners’ money, as well as giving unreasonable excuses to hold the money. That is why we decided to write a blog to help our readers to identify the best real money online casinos.

1.License & Security Check

In the beginning, website backgrounds are probably one of the vital factors to affect the players’ decision to see if it’s authentic or not.

If players did not do the license and background check, they would have a higher chance to get scammed. Also, it is an effective way to understand whether the selected online casino is trustworthy or not.

Another key point will be the security of the casino. Most of the time, there are some sites that will help players to check for it which we refer to as review sites.

Some popular review sites provide detailed analysis of the casinos and check whether the connection with the website and software are fully encrypted and secure over SSL.

2. Deposit funds and contact customer support

Furthermore, the second important reason for a casino to obtain a favourable vote from review sites is how easy it is to deposit.

For example, the online casino provides accepted deposit methods to players. Of course, to ensure those deposit methods are the most popular and trusted ones like MasterCard, bank transfer, Visa and others are included.

Other than that, review sites will ask their employees to contact the customer support by asking them a set of specific questions about the deposit methods.

3. .Real money payout

Needless to say, most players cannot tolerate one thing, which is non-payment of legitimate gambling winnings.

Many identical cases have consecutively happened to players in different local online casinos.

If players are willing to pay more attention to those review sites, then they may not fall for this kind of situation. Meanwhile, reading through the review sites, you can discover that online casinos will usually go to them and try to clarify the reason for not paying out the money.

However, some bad online casinos will try to give some unreasonable excuses to hold their money.

Thus, every online casino player has the responsibility to start reading review sites to analyse it to avoid many of these similar cases.

Also, the ultimate goal of doing all these things is to protect players and prevent them from getting cheated by fraudulent online casinos. We hope that all our readers can benefit from the blog and start enjoying the online casinos for real money in Singapore.