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How To Play Sic bo in Singapore Live Casino
[ 24-09-2017 ]

How To Play Sic bo in Singapore Live Casino

You simply place a bet or bets on the table waiting for the dice to be rolled and then collect any winnings. While the table images and graphics can vary slightly, all Sic Bo tables have the betting areas clearly marked.  To play you place a bet on the specific table area where your outcome is listed. For details of all of the possible bets see our Sic Bo Bet Types section. Once you have placed your bets the dice are rolled and the table areas light up to indicate the winning areas.  Winning bets are paid according to the games pay table. Losing bets are removed from the table and the game starts again.  The game follows these steps.  Step 1: check the betting limits for the table  Step 2: Buy chips  Step 3: Place bets  Step 4: Wait for the dice to be rolled and displayed  Step 5: Collect any chips  Step 6: Go back to Step 2 

Either you play Blackjack, Baccarat, or Sic Bo, all are the most popular online betting in Malaysia and Singapore For more information, u can download Sic Bo see our Online Sic Bo section.

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